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Domestic Violence is About Control

Domestic Violence is maintaining control or authority over an intimate partner.  Authority over an intimate partner may involve one or more of the following behaviors.

Emotional Abuse: put down or insult; accuse of cheating; make you feel guilty; humiliate; make you feel crazy; telling you the abuse is your fault; denying abuse even happened

Intimidation: punch walls; smash or throw things; frightening looks or gestures; abusing pets

Isolation: tell you who you can talk too; tell you when and where you can or cannot go; question your every move and where you've been; using JEALOUSY; disapproving of friends and/or family

Economic Abuse: prevent you from working; make you ask for money; not letting you have access to money or bank accounts; controlling all income and bill;

Using Children: threatening to harm or take the children; using children to relay messages to you; talking down about you to the children; 

Sexual Abuse: rape (including martial rape); making sexual comments; threatening to sleep with others; making you engage in sexual acts against your will

Physical Abuse: hitting; biting, pulling hair; holding captive; kicking; CHOKING (If someone is choking you this is really called strangulation.  This is often times miss described and one of the most dangerous forms of violence.)

These are only some of the behaviors found in controlling relationships.  If you feel you are in danger from an intimate partner you may want to talk with someone.  Call our office 760-644-4781 M-F 8-4 pm or National Domestic Violence 24 hour Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE(7233).